Clabo is proud of its operating methodology, the use of innovative technologies is fundamental for production efficiency and quality of the final product, the role of people in the production process is now more important than ever.

Clabo is a leading company among the companies of the Marche region, it keeps its origins in the Jesi (AN) plant but Clabo is also present in the USA, with the Philadelphia (PA) plant and in China, with a production site in Qingdao.

The presence of plants located outside the main production site in Jesi allows the production of display cases in line with the needs of the markets of reference, but also to manage a level of service that can meet the needs of our foreign customers.
The production centre in Philadelphia (PA), the historic headquarters of the Howard McCray brand, is mainly responsible for the production of delicatessen display cases designed and produced in line with the expectations of the US market, while the Qingdao plant produces display cases for customers in the Far East, preserving Italian design and technology.