Corporate Governance

This page aims to update an active communication with our investors and enhance the profile and attractiveness of Clabo S.p.A. within the financial community. Is encouraged a transparent, timely and accurate communication between investors and financial analysts on the one hand, and the key people of Clabo S.p.A. other.

Clabo S.p.A. regularly issues press releases in order to ensure full information regarding its latest strategic and operative developments. All the relevant informations about Clabo S.p.A., along with dates, major publications and informations on the shareholders assembly are available in this website section.

Clabo S.p.A. has implemented to its governance system provisions designed to encourage transparency and the protection of minority shareholders. In particular, the Issuer has:

  • bylaws list voting for the election of the Board of Directors and providing, also, that they are entitled to submit lists shareholders who, alone or together with other shareholders, hold a total number of Shares representing at least 10% of the share capital entitled to vote at the Ordinary;
  • appointed the Investor Relator;

The company has adopted the following procedures:

Insider_15072016.pdf” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Organizational procedures concerning inside information and capital operations