Corporate organization

Clabo Spa:

  • Operating company based in Jesi (AN).
  • It performs both industrial activities and coordination of foreign branches.

Clabo DE:

  • Established in 2016, it is a commercial company based in München.

Clabo USA:

  • Operative company based in Hayward (CA)
  • It collects and markets Clabo’s products covering North America Orion International Trading areas

Orion International Trading:

  • Established in October 2015
  • Commercial company based in Shanghai
  • Simple organizational structure (managing director, commercial referent, technical specialist, back office referent)

Clabo Pacific Holding Limited:

  • Established in 2015, it is the sub holding company based in Hong Kong for the Asian development.

Clabo Brasil:

  • Established in June 2013
  • Commercial company based in Sao Paulo
  • Simple organizational structure (managing director, commercial referent back office referent).

Clabo Holding USA INC.:

  • It was founded in 2018, as a San Francisco (CA)-based  financial sub-holding in order to support the activities of the American operational company for the business development on the USA-Canada market.


  • A Philadelphia (USA)-based operational company
  • This consolidated American operational company was founded in 1887, and actively manufactured and traded refrigerated showcases for the “fresh market” segment and for the traditional market of the “convenience stores” , to which the business of the ice cream showcases with the brand “Orion by Clabo” was added; some of these showcases are nowadays produced in the HMC Philadelphia-based factory.


  • A Qingdao (China)-based operational company
  • It is the leading company in terms of  “Easy Best”-branded  ice cream showcases production and trade. It was acquired by Clabo in March 2017 in order to enact the group strategy aimed at the Asian market penetration through the direct qualified presence in the territory.